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Quality Parts - Omnicraft

We have a huge selection of Omnicraft parts available including oil filters, batteries, brake pads, discs, shock absorbers, starters, alternators and many more. All Omnicraft™ parts are sourced in Europe, and built to optimum aftermarket specifications ( giving you motoring peace of mind )

Our Omnicraft parts deliver quality fit and competitive pricing with the convenience of one-stop availability at Quick Lane. If you'd like to find out more please use our live chat function or call your local centre, alternatively you can book your service date and time online today.

| Parts | Mileage | Duration

| All parts not listed below | Unlimited | 12 months

| Scheduled maintenance items (including timing belt) | N/A | 12 months or next scheduled replacement |

| Alarms, clutch assemblies, exhausts, shock absorbers, cata-lytic converters and coated DPF (coated lifetime converter ) | Unlimited | 24 months |

| Batteries | Unlimited | 36 Months |